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Numerology is among the most ancient occult sciences

  • Numerology is among the most ancient occult sciences. Numerals play an extremely important role in your lives.
  • You must have observed that certain dates always prove to be more auspicious for you, on which you accomplish your goals much more effortlessly.
  • A particular number may suit an individual or nation, but may prove to be inauspicious for another.
  • When a child is born, his/her destiny gets fixed based on his/her date of birth. When the digits of the birth date (1st to 31st of a given month) are mutually added, a single digit is obtained. This numeral is termed your 'Fundamental number', and signifies a unique planet among the nine planets.
  • Likewise, all numbers ranging from 1 through 9 signify a specific planet, whose characteristics manifest in that individual. A person's fundamental number indicates about his/her behavior, tendencies, fame, character and basic nature.
  • This in turn, decides his/her destiny, including aspects like life quality, profession, financial status, married life, progeny and achievement of goals.
  • In accordance with this number, there are certain specific colors, metals and gemstones that enhance one's luck.
  • Simply based on the date of birth, the client's auspicious and lucky numbers are worked out.
  • Utilizing this basic knowledge, the most suitable numbers for your house, phones, mobiles, vehicles and bank accounts may be prescribed. All this translates into a happier life, better compatibility, higher fulfillment, as well as avoidance of poverty, accidents, conflicts and ailments.
  • A personal vehicle bearing one's lucky number and colour can make all the difference in enhancing one's good luck. It is a well known fact that some international players have awakened their lady luck simply by changing their chest numbers so as to align the same with their fundamental numbers!
  • Your awareness about your lucky numbers also empowers you to proactively fix most suitable dates for your important meetings, negotiations, signing of agreements etc so that they end up in your favour!
  • Numerology also guides as to which dates of the month are best avoided for your important tasks.
  • Adhering to this knowledge may bring about a transformation in your life, empowering you to handle difficult situations or people with remarkable ease, improve personal relationships, and obtain success in every field of life.
  • Every alphabet of English language has been assigned a particular number. Hence, all alphabets of your name can be converted into their corresponding numbers, then added up, and this total is summed up to a single numeral. Its compatibility with your lucky number is then evaluated.
  • If they are found to be compatible, it is fine. Else, minimum spelling correction for your popular name is suggested with a goal of making your life easy. Such a simple strategy has proved to be an incredibly effective and powerful tool, and has yielded awesome results for thousands!
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