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We Are The Best Astrologer in India, and we are proud to have many of the best astrologers in the country on our team. Our top astrologers have an extensive knowledge of astrology that allows them to provide precise forecasts. Indu Prakash, Dr Ajai and Pandit Ajai are just some of the renowned names we work with. India Awards recognize their ability for providing accurate predictions and latest study techniques. Sundeep Kochar, Ajai Bhambi, Anupam Kapil and Bejan Daruwalla are also some of our top astrologers who have been making a mark in this field for years now.
We specialize in Vedic astrology and provide accurate predictions to our clients. Our team of expert astrologers have extensive knowledge in Western Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and many other branches of this science. Deepak Kapoor is also a renowned name in this field and is one of the best Jyotishguru's in India. Hemant Barua is another one of our top astrologers who has expertise in vastu shastra as well as all aspects of Jyotish. He has been providing his services for the past 30 years now and his predictions are highly reliable.
We are the best astrologer in India providing accurate astrological predictions to many. We have various programs related to astrology like daily astrology column, detail astrology and regular columnist for various newspapers. Our daily astrology column is published in renowned newspapers like Zee News, Hindustan Times and numerous other newspapers. Our team has some of the top celebrities as our regular columnist like Sharma, Sundeep Kochar, Anupam and Kapil. They are highly known as they have been giving their predictions for years now. Sundeep Kochar is an expert on Palmistry, Numerology and Vastu Shastra while Sharma is a Tarot Card reader who has been offering her services since 35 years now. Anupam specializes in Vedic Astrology while Kapil helps people connect with their spiritual self through his knowledge of gemstones and crystals. We also offer our services online to provide convenience for our clients who cannot visit us directly due to various reasons. With these features we are the best Astrologer in India providing reliable predictions at reasonable cost making it convenient for everyone to avail themselves of our services without any worry or doubt.
We are trusted astrologer by Bollywood celebrities, famous business persons and many more people. Acharya Indu Prakash is the face behind this success. He has huge knowledge in Astrology, Palmistry and Vedic Astrology, which helps him to give accurate predictions. We have an outstanding track record of providing best services to our customers with 100% satisfaction rate. We are the most popular choice among our clients due to his expertise and experience in this field since last two decades. The services we provide not only include astrology but also palmistry and vedic astrology which makes us different from other competitors in the market.
Our team of expert practitioners and astrologers are well versed in many occult sciences like numerology, palmistry, ching and tune. We provide nuanced predictions based on the different tastes of our clients. We have been providing quality services since long time now and have established ourselves as the best astrologer in India. Our highly experienced professionals understand every aspect of vedic astrology and deliver accurate services to our customers.


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